Author: Kelsey Abkin

16 Jul Scout Field Notes

Here at Scout, we help you find incredible adventures. We want to bring you those ‘ah hah’ and ‘ooh la la’ moments that create lasting memories. With that in mind, we've taken to the field. Pen in hand, we chased down some kick-ass women—women who know...

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13 Jul A Taste of France in 5 SF Spots

With Bastille Day on July 14th,  we’d like to take a moment to appreciate France for its nonchalant style, suave phrases like “C’est la Vie”, and most importantly, its drool-worthy pastries. In commemoration of the French Revolution, here are 5 places that will surely put...

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02 Jul Five City Escapes this July 4th

For those of you wishing to escape the famous city fog to somewhere a little different, a little sunnier, here are some suggestions. Camp under the stars, eat endless hot dogs, and down rosé in these neighboring SF locations. After all, isn’t it our duty to celebrate...

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