10 Events Not to Miss in SF this July

Posted by Kelsey Abkin

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It’s July, and while in San Francisco that doesn’t mean bikini weather and popsicle-melting heat, it does mean an endless supply of quirky, calendar filling events. Here are 10 things to do this July that will make you thankful to have chosen the foggier end of California.

1. Salsa Festival


Admit it. You filled to the brim with admiration and jealousy at the mambo scene in Dirty Dancing. Unfortunately, there is only so many times you can re-watch a movie. Instead, catch the live show for free at the Fillmore Center this July 10th and 11th. Enjoy the professionals perform then take advantage of the free lessons and give it a go yourself. Find out more on their Facebook page.

2. SF Summer Jazz Sessions


From July 16th-Aug. 23rd, enjoy live jazz at different locations around San Francisco. These concerts are sure to bring you back to the roaring 20’s, minus prohibition of course. Get a complete schedule here.

3. Treasure Island Flea Market

Shop. Eat. Drink. All on an “island” overlooking the Bay. Sounds like a not too shabby way to spend a Saturday morning. The last weekend of each month, Treasure Island hosts a flea market to support local artists, entrepreneurs and your shopping habits. Find all the information on their website.

4. SF Frozen Film Festival


This film festival is the trendy, worldly, artsy thing you told yourself you would do this summer. Featuring independent filmmakers, youth, filmmakers of conscience, and artists from under served communities, the SFFFF is truly a SF gem. Take a peek here.

5. Free SF Symphony


On July 27th, the symphony becomes not just a thing for the elderly and elite. Anyone can gain an appreciation for classical music while basking in the sunlight at the free SF symphony at Civic Center Plaza. Get details here.

6. Up Your Alley


Described as “Folsom Street Fair’s Dirty Little Brother,” Up Your Alley is well, just that. Think a cornucopia of built, hairy men and leather, lots of leather. If you think you can handle it, check it out here.

7. SF Chocolate and Art Show

The Chocolate and Art Show pretty much sums up the spirit of San Francisco’s SOMA district. At this underground art show, you’ll find body painting, live music, and chocolate galore. Get tickets here

8. San Francisco’s 80’s Prom


Did your prom not quite have that fairytale ending so prevalent in 80’s chick flicks? Well, here’s your second-chance. This July 25th, sport your best 80’s attire, dance the night away and have a chance to be prom royalty. Get a ticket here and you’re sure to have a totally tubular time.

9. ShOOnanigans!


Hosted by Space Cowboys, I have no doubt ShOOnanigans will be one for the books. On July 24th, spend an epic night with the craziest DJ’s in SF as they prepare to take over Burning Man. If you think you can weather the storm that is the Space Cowboys, click here.

10. Bastille Day Charity Party

Strawberry Martini

This July 14th, put on your classiest attire, eat canapés, play pétanque, and pretend to know what those words mean at the Bastille Day Charity Party. Plus, you won’t feel guilty spending an afternoon in such leisure as proceeds will benefit No Kids Hungry. Viva la France! Tickets here!


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