5 Ways to Impress Your Team at Dreamforce

Posted by Tess Mayall

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Bringing your whole team out to Dreamforce this week? Don’t waste the week with your team by only going to other people’s parties. Sure, go see Foo Fighters, listen to the CEO of Uber, hang with Larry Baer… but also be sure to make your week a little dreamier for your team by treating them to one of the epic team building treats below.

1. Rent a private boat for the Giants Game

Photo by Bryce Edwards.

The Giants are playing Monday (9/14), Tuesday (9/15), and Wednesday (9/16) during Dreamforce. What’s better than catching the action from your own yacht in McCovey cove? Nothing.

This is the perfect way to please the sports fans, but not anger the Dodgers fans too much. They can keep busy with the seals!

Boat rentals cost ~$2000 for 24 people and include at least one drink and lots ‘o game food. Cheaper than taking the whole team out to the ballgame!


2. Hipster-bowl in the Mission


Photo by Bit Boy.

Bowling as a team activity might as well be written onto the team bonding 10 commandments. It’s relaxed enough to have conversations with people, beer is available, and it requires just the right amount of coordination, so no one will embarrass themselves.

If you haven’t gone bowling with the team, Mission Bowl Club is the place to start. Lanes are $35/hour, they have the best burger in San Francisco, and you get a night filled with the classic, SF, hipster scene.



3. Graffiti it up

Photo by David Goehring.

Connect over some paint fumes at 1AM graffiti, where you can work with your team to create a badass piece of art for your lobby.

The graffiti shop is frequented by teams from Google, Facebook, Square, and lots more, so you can feel uber-cool with your team while you’re getting some funky-fresh bonding in. Private graffiti workshops and walking tours are available.



4. Shots, shots, shots in Alameda

Photo by Simon Wright.

Willy Wonka for adults? Yes please. St. George’s Spirits makes bourbon, vodka, gin, infusions, and they’re all fantastic.

The distillery is just a hop, skip, and an Uber away from San Francisco, so you can take your team on a liquor tour they should, but maybe wont, remember.

Tours and tastings are offered Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at 5:30 PM.



5. Get cheesey at The Cheese School

Photo by cookbookman17.

Maybe your team would prefer a less alcoholic outing? The Cheese School in San Francisco has private courses on making mozzarella, lessons on pairing wine and cheese, and Wednesday night “Cheese Makes Me So Happy Hour” with a smorgasbord of dairy products.

Private tastings start at $1500 and classes start at $2000, but if you want to just drop in with your team for their happy hour, tickets start at $22 per person.



At Dreamforce and need help planning a team outing? Let us help you. Sign up for our Dreamforce promotion and our local travel assistants will get back to you in 5 minutes or less.


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