These San Francisco Spots Make Doing Your Laundry a Little Less Terrible

Posted by Jordan Bailey

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Laundry is probably our least favorite chore — it’s tiresome, time consuming and monotonous. And it’s especially egregious if you don’t have machines in your house and have to venture into the city to get your clothes cleaned. Here are a few SF spots that make doing your laundry a little less terrible.

One of the most creative cafes in SF I think. It is a great lunch, breakfast place with coffee and landromat attached. They do open mic nights as you do laundry - brilliant!

Brain Wash (SoMa)

Brain Wash is a cute and quirky little place that’s been around since the 80s. In addition to being a laundromat, it’s also a cafe and live music venue with stand up comedy nights. Tonight, they’re having a “comedy fiesta,” and tomorrow night there’s an open mic.

Why we love it: If you’re short on time, you can go to their website and check the live cameras to see if there’s a line for the machines.

While you wait for your laundry: Grab a coffee, a beer or some great food from Brain Wash’s cafe. If you’re there during happy hour, you’ll get $1 off cafe purchases while doing your laundry. Plus, they have pinball machines.

Spin City Coffee

Spin City Laundrette & Coffee Bar (Noe Valley)

Spin City is a coffee shop-laundromat hybrid. Simple, effective and perfect for the busy young professional.

Why we love it: They serve Blue Bottle Coffee and Dynamo Donuts. Yum.

While you wait for your laundry: Be sure to bring your laptop with you — they’ve got free wifi so you can get some work done (or, you know, watch Netflix) while you wait for your clothes to dry.


Little Hollywood Laundrette (Hayes Valley)

This is an awesome, simple, well-decorated laundrette. They’ve got fun, colorful murals on the walls and a lost and found for all of your unmatched socks.

Why we love it: They stay open until midnight, which is helpful for those busy weeks when the work day feels endless.

While you wait for your laundry: Head down the street to The Mint for cheap drinks and karaoke. The range of talent is, um, broad. We’re sure you’ll be entertained.

the wash club san francisco

The Wash Club (Haight-Ashbury)

The Wash Club is your one stop shop for laundry, dry cleaning and alterations. They also sell greeting cards and stamps.

Why we love it: They’ve got organic fruit for you to snack on while you’re cleaning your clothes. Also, there’s a mini library and TV for your entertainment.

While you wait for your laundry: Exercise! It’s right around the corner from the Kezar track in Golden Gate Park, so you can pop out for a quick jog. Or take a yoga class at one of the studios nearby.


Want another option nearer your home? Ask your Scout!

Photos By: Stepan Mazurov, Spin City Coffee, Yelp, Jaesang Ma
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