These Podcasts Will Really Creep You Out This Halloween

Posted by Jordan Bailey

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What’s the ultimate way to get in the Halloween spirit? Ghost stories! These five spooky podcasts will have you shaking in your boots no matter where you listen to them, but to really creep yourself out, try listening to them in these haunted Bay Area locations.


Limetown + Moss Beach Distillery

Where: Moss Beach Distillery (40 minutes from downtown SF)

Podcast: Limetown

Perfect for: Friday evening, to get your Halloweekend off to a spooky start

Make it happen: Head to Moss Beach Distillery for seafood, cocktails, and ghost hunting. While you sip cocktails on the patio, keep an eye out for their famous ghost — a woman who was murdered there by her jealous lover. She frequently appears in a blue dress covered in blood, and you can find her dancing alone in deserted rooms, throwing furniture or hanging out by the piano her ex-lover used to play.

On your drive down to Moss Beach, catch up on Limetown — the story of a fictional Tennessee town where over 300 people vanished into thin air. If you loved Serial, this is the podcast for you. Host Lia Haddock’s storytelling technique is so compelling, you’ll think you were there.


Lore + Angel Island

Where: Angel Island (30 minute ferry ride from downtown SF)

Podcast: Lore

Perfect for: Saturday afternoon, before your Halloween party (hop on the 11:20am ferry)

Make it happen: Take the ferry out to Angel Island for a short hike to Immigration Station — it has a history with restless, lingering spirits. When a young bride-to-be was denied entry in the 1910s, she donned her wedding dress and hung herself in the bathroom with a bedsheet. Many claimed her spirit never left, citing the continuously flickering lights as proof. One young bride even claimed to have a direct encounter with the jealous ghost, saying she tried to kill her in her sleep.

During your 1.5 mile hike from Ayala Cove to the station, you’ll be able to listen to a few episodes of Lore, a bi-weekly podcast exploring horror stories rooted in fact. Each of the horrifying stories they tell is true, living up to the show’s tagline “Sometimes truth is more frightening than fiction.”


Knifepoint Horror + Bayshore

Where: Bayshore Train Yard (12 minutes from downtown SF, near Visitacion Valley)

Podcast: Knifepoint Horror

Perfect for: When you’re feeling adventurous (and a little mischevious) on Sunday afternoon and want to keep the Halloween spirit alive

Make it happen: At this abandoned 105-year-old train yard, you’ll find the once-burned dilapidated buildings, massively overgrown greenery and ominous barbed wire fencing create an eerie sense of beauty. It’ll take a little creativity to get inside (we’re not quite sure how these guys did it) but there’s plenty to explore once you get in there.

While you wander through the yard admiring the extensive graffiti, checkout Knifepoint Horror, a no-nonsense podcast that gives people an opportunity to talk about their encounters with the paranormal. There’s no music, sound effects or distracting frills — just you and your thoughts.


The NoSleep Podcast + Presidio Pet Cemetery

Where: Presidio Pet Cemetery (Just beneath the freeway to the Golden Gate Bridge)

Podcast: NoSleep Podcast

Perfect for: When pre-Halloween excitement keeps you up all Thursday night.

Make it happen: Spend a foggy evening at the pet cemetery in the Presidio. It’s home to a number of dogs, cats, parakeets, lizards, goldfish, hamsters and countless other animals whose owners served in the the world’s major wars.

While you’re there, go on a search for the wackiest pet names (we love Little Tex, Smoochy and Blinken L. Todd) and listen to the NoSleep Podcast. It’s a collection of award-winning fictional horror stories that are guaranteed to keep you up at night.


Anything Ghost + Oakland SPCA

Where: Oakland SPCA (In Oakland, 30 minutes from downtown SF)

Podcast: Anything Ghost

Perfect for: Last minute errands after work this week

Make it happen: Next time you take your pet to an appointment at OSPCA, introduce yourself to the ghostly gardener — an older woman who has frequently been spotted pulling weeds in the pet cemetery out back. Her presence is well-known by OSPCA staff, whose response to inquiries about the woman has been: “She’s a ghost. We don’t know why or how she came to garden the cemetery, but we’re grateful that she does a wonderful upkeep of her area.”

While you sit in the waiting room for your pet’s appointment (and for the ghostly gardener to arrive for her shift), check out Anything Ghost, the original podcast for personal ghost stories. All of the stories are submitted by listeners who have had ghostly encounters, and the most recent episode features stories by San Francisco and San Jose listeners.

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