5 Ideas For a Spooky Date Night to Try This Halloween

Posted by Jordan Bailey

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Got a hot date this Hallow’s-week? Here are a few date night ideas that are equal parts fun, romantic, and terrifying.


Midnight Picnic — Sutro Baths

Pack some cheese and crackers, a blanket and a bottle of wine for a romantic, candlelit picnic in the haunted cave at Sutro Baths. Set up shop at the end of the cave — you won’t be able to see the ocean through the pitch-black darkness, but you’ll hear the waves crashing just beyond the cave. Be sure to bring plenty of candles. Legend has it the cave is haunted by a young woman who once drowned in the ocean there. When her ghost appears, she makes her presence known by blowing out visitors’ candles or throwing them into the ocean (the candles, not the visitors).


Escape the Room — Japantown

The closest you’ll ever get to being in a scene from Saw (we hope), the gamemakers at Real Escape Room will lock you inside of a small, mysterious time travel lab with little more than a single objective: Escape. How do you get out? It’ll be up to you, your sweetie and your nine teammates to scour the room for clues, while an ominous voice announces your dwindling time over the intercom. Each clue will require you to solve a puzzle — crosswords, logic puzzles, math problems, etc. — to get to the next clue. Note: slots fill up quickly, so ask your Scout to grab you and your date a ticket!


Spooky Movie Night — Tuesday, Oct. 27 in Oakland

Scary movies — the only date night activity to come with a cuddling guarantee. Many of our favorite SF theaters will be showing scary movies all week, but tonight head to The New Parkway Theater in Oakland. They’ll be screening a collection of spooky music videos and animated films by local artists. Cozy up in one of the theater’s loveseats with a local beer and a “mystery meal”, and prepare to get scared.


Scary Movie at Stow Lake — Golden Gate Park

For double the scary, download a movie and take your laptop to Stow Lake to watch at midnight. The lake in Golden Gate Park is the setting of one of San Francisco’s most classic ghost story legends. While you and your date settle into a nice grassy patch of Strawberry Hill to watch The Shining, try calling out “White lady, white lady, I have your baby,” three times. You just may be visited by one of San Francisco’s most infamous ghosts.


Ghost Tour — Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights in Haight Ashbury

Break out your walking shoes and bundle up for a night filled with ghost stories, visits to notorious murderers’ homes and a raffle with quirky prizes (think ring pops and glow in the dark zombies). On the Haunted Haight Walking Tour, you’ll spend two extremely entertaining hours with Tommy Netzband — the founder and president of the San Francisco Ghost Society. He’ll tell you everything there is to know about paranormal activity in the neighborhood, and will keep you and your date entertained with dozens of stories about the “otherside” of San Francisco. Need tickets? Ask your Scout to book them for you!

Photos by: MashSF, My Destination, The New Parkway Theater, Seeks GhostsJay Peeples
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