Hello Scout Available on the Embarcadero at Harbor Court Hotel

Posted by Leila N'Amara

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Good news for travelers adventuring around the Embarcadero — Hello Scout is just a text away for guests staying at Harbor Court Hotel!

You’ll find Harbor Court Hotel nestled into a Spanish Colonial Revival gem hugging the edge of the Bay. This brick structure has been a part of the skyline of San Francisco’s iconic waterfront since 1926. It was originally an Army-Navy YMCA with 400 rooms to welcome home soldiers returning from overseas.

It’s hard to imagine the Embarcadero as an undesirable, noisy neighborhood, but 25 years ago an unsightly double-decker freeway ran along the waterfront. Officially known as State Route 480 and locally known simply as the Embarcadero Freeway. This massive freeway drove down property values and obstructed some of the best views in town!

Following on the heels of the second biggest earthquake to hit San Francisco — the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake — the eyesore was demolished. The Embarcadero took its current shape. Practically overnight a neighborhood that was once stood in the shadows of a crumbling infrastructure became one of the most sought-after waterfront neighborhoods in the city!

With the freeway gone, the original Army-Navy YMCA was renovated into a modern boutique hotel with unbeatable views of the Bay. Nowadays the hotel living room hosts a happy hour every evening and offers complimentary artisanal coffee and teas in the morning. And from the comfort of your bed you can enjoy the nightly LED light shows on the Bay Bridge!

Bay Bridge

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