How to Best Celebrate Summer Solstice in SF

Posted by Kelsey Abkin

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This coming weekend the sun will be at its highest point in the sky; its’ rays will be located directly overhead at the Tropic of Cancer, a line of latitude located at 23.5 degrees north of the equator. In other words, San Franciscans have another reason to celebrate! Summer solstice in San Francisco means countless gatherings as locals and tourists alike bask in the sunniest (though San Francisco expects cloudy skies) day of the year. From a pagan inspired beach ritual to a sail across the bay, here are five ways to get the most out of summer solstice.


Summer Sailstice

This year, Summer Sailstice marks its’ 15th year as a global holiday celebrating all things sailing. Although this holiday is teeming with sailing enthusiasts, actual experience is not required. Anyone with that itch for adventure can step aboard a sailboat to ooh and aah at the incredible views of the bay. SailSFBay, Captain San Francisco, and SailTime San Francisco are few of many inviting the bay area to spend the sunny day embracing their inner captain. Get more info here.


International Yoga Day

This is the first year that the significance of Yoga is being recognized by a National Holiday and, of course, San Francisco is quick to capitalize. To honor this new-founded holiday, Marina Green Park will offer a day full of yoga, meditation, and live music by world-famous Grammy-nominated Jai Uttal. It also being Father’s day, this provides the perfect occasion to show dad all the rage about yoga and maybe even justify to him the $100 yoga pants you’re wearing. Check it out here!


Hickey Fest 2015

This music festival is not technically in San Francisco, but due to its’ close proximity and strong potential for fun, it’s well worth a mention. For those of you willing to make the 3 hour drive north to Leggett you will be rewarded with a truly psychedelic experience sure to unleash the free spirit inside of you. Hickeyfest offers 25 bands, each with names appearing to come from a random word generator. Rejuvenated from your vegan burger and morning yoga, you’ll sure to be tapping your foot along to “The Donkeys” or “Young Nudist.” Get tickets here.10927787435_59211a6b79_o

SF Summer Solstice Ritual

At Scout, we’re all about experiencing something different. And nothing is further off the beaten path than a beach ritual complete with chanting, magic, and invoking of the deities. This solstice, Bay Area Reclaiming summons all to a traditional solstice ritual on San Francisco’s coveted Ocean Beach. A quick warning, this family friendly event, although void of all alcohol and drugs, is “clothing optional.” See if it’s something you’re up for here.

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7th Annual Long Day Short Film Festival

These days, folks with long attention spans are few and far between. Thankfully, there’s the short film festival for the rest of us! With films maxing out at just over 6 minutes, even those of us with the patience of a 2 year old will endure. A quick hop across the bay and you could be walking down a red carpet to see the latest and greatest in local and international short cinema. But fear not, you’ll still get the full advantage of the long day as you spend more time outside discussing these ingenious little films than actually watching them. Take a look here.

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