San Francisco, Here’s How to Travel the World Before 9am

Posted by Kelsey Abkin

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I’m sure you’re well aware of all the impressive things San Francisco has to offer. I’m sure you’re also aware that things take time and and time is often difficult to find, especially when you have a job. So in honor of all you hard-workers out there, we’ve put together some tips to make every day in San Francisco feel like a vacation.

Savor a Croissant in France.


Stop and imagine you’re in Paris nestled along the River Seine. You settle into a woven chair as the smell of rich butter fills your nostrils. You pick up the flaky dough of a freshly baked croissant, careful not to let the slightest crumb fall to waste. Sipping your latte, you relish the warmth of the sun’s rays on your shoulders (you’re wearing a sundress of course). Back to reality. You’re at SF’s own B. Patisserie, but hey, we almost fooled you.

Drink Coffee in Vietnam.

Think coffee but better. Better because half of your cup is filled with sweetened condensed milk. Now, I don’t know about you, but I can’t say no to a drink charged with as much sugar as a pint of ice cream. Castro Tarts in SF’s Castro district has everything you would hope for in Vietnam: delicious coffee, sriracha galore, and bahn mi. But thankfully without any of the more curious Vietnamese specialties.

Comer Huevos Rancheros en Mexico.


Mexico has it figured out. They’ve realized that cheese, tortillas, and salsa is all you need for the perfect breakfast. Rather than trudging to work chowing down on your fifth KIND bar of the week, fill up with some good ol’ huevos rancheros. You’ll feel like a million bucks through to lunch break. The go-to place? San Jalisco. This Mexican eatery opens at 8 A.M. every morning and their menu will have you debating a trip across the border. Viva la Mexico!

Eat Piroshkis in Russia.


You beautifully crafted ball of wonder; You, who keeps my breakfast so scrumptiously warm in your crisp doughy pocket; You, Pirsoshki, you. Next time you feel adventurous on your way to work, take the not so quick flight over to Russia (or rather Anda Piroshki). It’ll have you writing your own breakfast ballads in no time.

Sip Miso Soup in Japan.

I’ll admit that I was skeptical of a cuisine centered around savory snacks like broiled fish. But try this Japanese breakfast and you’ll be converted too. First, it’s healthy. As much as we’d love to consider blueberry pancakes as the healthy choice (crediting the fruit), we know it’s not. The Japanese were onto something when they nourished themselves with fermented veggies and omega 3’s. The second reason we love a Japanese breakfast? Because Cassava‘s making ours. Cassava, in Outer Richmond, makes a traditional Japanese breakfast that’s healthy and surprisingly delicious.

Munch on Pupusas in El Salvador.

End your travels with cheese-stuffed tortillas straight out of El Salvador at Balompie Cafe. This Mission hole in the wall opens at 8 A.M. so there’s plenty of time to catch one before the office beckons. Take one bite into these warm, better-than-pancakes, pancakes and you’ll know why El Salvadorians flock to this place. Warning: the authentic atmosphere may trick you into forgetting you’re in SF and forgetting you have a job to get to too…

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