Meet George, Independence High School’s Resident Ghost

Posted by Luda Berdnyk

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Every school has it’s rumors, but San Jose certainly sets the bar for haunted high schools — more than ten schools in the area have reportedly seen spirits on campus. Some of these ghosts choose to coexist peacefully with students and teachers, while others prefer to have a little fun.


Independence High School (San Jose) —  If you ever go to Independence High School for a show, look out for a boy named George who haunts the theater there. The origins of his spirit are somewhat of a mystery — some believe he’s been hanging around the school since it was built, while others claim he died in the theater by falling off one of the catwalks.

Today, he usually roams around the old theater in one of three forms — as a little boy chasing a ball, a business man leaning against a wall, or a large man whose body takes up the entirety of the theater’s aisle. He’s also been known to play tricks on people, like switching the lights on and off, sitting next to anyone alone in the theater, and making the floor shake hard enough to make you think there’s an earthquake taking place.

Independence High is just one of many haunted schools in San Jose. Notre Dame High School’s balcony is said to be haunted by the ghost of a pregnant nun who hung herself there. At Burnett Academy Middle School, a student who died after falling down the stairs can be heard wandering in the stairway late at night. And a faceless “Michael T.” has been spotted playing basketball and playing tricks on teachers at Dove Hill Elementary School.

Photo by: Zach McCormick
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