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Scout Field Notes

Posted by Kelsey Abkin

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Here at Scout, we help you find incredible adventures. We want to bring you those ‘ah hah’ and ‘ooh la la’ moments that create lasting memories. With that in mind, we’ve taken to the field.

Pen in hand, we chased down some kick-ass women—women who know how to put their nose to the grindstone but also know the best spot to grab a drink. We asked for their must-dos and must-sees as well as how they found them (pre-Scout, that is). Here’s the first interview in our month long series.

Date: July, 15th

Time: 12:32 p.m.

Place of Observation: 14th Floor, Bush St. Amid glass paneled room. Sandwiches in hand, we begin our conversation.

Meet Sahana: Sahana moved to the Bay Area 4 years ago. She appreciates a scenic view and swears by the eggs Florentine at Zazie.

Tell me a little about yourself. Are you originally from the Bay Area?

I’m originally from Michigan and moved to the city four years ago. But it’s only in the past two years that I’ve really had the opportunity to get to know the city in depth. I find that there’s so much content out there about SF, so it requires a lot of digging to find the real hidden gems.

In your efforts to get to know San Francisco, what’s been the greatest treasure you’ve found?

A friend introduced me to this cafe in the Mission district called Revolution Cafe. That was when I first fell in love with the Mission and the spirit of San Francisco. They offer live music almost every night played by local artists. It’s a super tiny place and it’s common to find yourself with no place to sit… but the music and ambiance make up for it. There’s also a hidden Starbucks near the Presidio that overlooks the Palace of Fine Arts — it’s gorgeous! They have outdoor seating and it’s the best place to get some work done.

How did you hear about these places? How do you usually find things to do around the city?

Both of these recommendations came from good friends, which tends to be a great way to discover the best spots. I also dig through Yelp reviews, but there’s so much content on platforms like Yelp and Foursquare, that it requires a next level of sorting through reviews. Another cool thing I’ve started doing recently is using Instagram. I’ll look under the hashtags of certain places then find the geo-tag to explore a spot. This allows me to browse visitors photos.

Is there anything in San Francisco you’ve been dying to do but haven’t yet?

Well, I’ve been using Scout as I plan a group trip to wine country, which I’m really looking forward to.  I’m a hiking newbie in the Bay Area. There are so many hikes I want to do, and luckily, so many stunning spots around here.

How is your experience going so far with planning wine tasting with Scout?

Super easy. The thing I loved about it was I had multiple options within a few minutes which was so helpful. It also felt more personal, like getting a recommendation from a friend you could trust.

Describe your perfect San Francisco Day.

Definitely starts with brunch at Zazie. Their elderflower mimosas and eggs florentine are to die for. Then the Dolores Park. (I think every perfect day in San Francisco requires a visit to the park, right?) I would rally some friends and spend the day playing board games, sipping on something delicious, and people watching.

What about for dinner? Is there a dinner place you’ve come to love?

Of course! There’s this place called Fondue Cowboy in SOMA that I just tried and I love it. It’s surprisingly easy to get a table. It’s nothing fancy but it’s a great place to catch up with a friend on a Saturday night. After that, I’d recommend drinks at District because they have amazing wine. Such a beautiful space, very lofty and chic.

Enjoyed meeting Sahana? Check in next week for the next edition of Scout Field Notes!

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