This Is How Scout Helped Me Explore My New City

Posted by Jordan Bailey

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Hi! My name is Jordan and I’m a recent college grad, a newbie to the Bay Area and — now — an intern at Scout. I happened upon Scout through an internship website and, as an avid traveller, am so glad I did. I was excited to discover such an easy way to explore the city, and now I’m excited to work with you all to get the word out about the app! To get started, I wanted to share my Scout experience.

“I just moved to the city this week and want to do some exploring. Today I’m alone and would love to do something outdoors while the weather is nice. Could you recommend any good parks or other outdoor activities?”

With this question I started my first conversation on Scout just over 3 weeks ago. At the time, I didn’t know that I’d soon be an intern at Scout (although I was hopeful), but I did need to find some great activities in my new city.

And, as you have probably already discovered for yourself, Scout turned out to be a super helpful tool to use while exploring. Here’s why:


Real people answer all of your questions — no matter how specific or obscure.

“If I’m near the Giant’s stadium, whats the best way to get to Dolores Park?”

My first request was for good outdoor activities to do alone. My Scout, Michelle, recommended Mission Dolores Park — for it’s beautiful views and people-watching potential — without skipping a beat. She also explained to me in detail how to get there; like, “You pick up the bus in the center of the road,” type detail. She even explained San Francisco’s convoluted public transportation system to me when I asked her, “Is the bus the same as MUNI?”


My Scout got to know me.

“Also, I know you love bookstores… if you end up taking public transportation out there, jump off at 6th ave and Clement to check out Green Apple Books”

A few days later, Michelle sent me to Baker Beach to catch great views of the Golden Gate Bridge. Totally unprompted, she mentioned that her favorite bookstore was on my route to the beach — a detail I found unexpectedly thoughtful as I had just told her the day before that I loved bookstores. I decided to stop by the store, bought a book, and took it with me to read on the beach during the gorgeous sunset.


It’s just easier than Google.

“Hmm, so would you recommend waiting until tomorrow to do it?”

The following day, I was planning to do the Land’s End trail walk. I texted Michelle to ask her about how long the walk would take me. She answered my question, but also warned me that the weather wasn’t great for the walk that day because the views would be in the fog. She suggested that I check out the observation deck at the De Young instead. Google can’t do that.

I was extremely happy with my first Scout experience, just like so many of you have been. So let’s get together and help others explore better! I want to get to know you — email me, tweet me, or hit me up on Instagram — I’d love to hear about your experience using Scout. What did you like? What did you not like? How can we improve?

We also want to feature some of your stories on the site, and would love to share your photos on our Instagram! Be featured on the blog by sending us an email with your story, or tag @scouttravel in your travel photos. And if you haven’t done so already, download the app here, and use access code: VIP.

Happy exploring!

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