Travel Assistant Tips – 5 Daytime Delights for Labor Day

Posted by Michelle

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San Francisco local Scout Michelle checking in again. As always, I can help you find, book, or plan any unique activities you can think of in the Bay Area, and I’ll get back to you in 5 minutes or less. Download the app to chat with me anytime, I won’t bite, I promise :-)

This week I’m chiming in with some last minute ideas to keep you busy from dawn-to-dusk on this Labor Day weekend.

1. Sausalito Art Festival

Photo by torbakhopper.

Ranked as one of the top art festivals in the US, Sausalito’s Art Festival is Saturday and Sunday from 10 AM – 7 PM and Monday from 10 AM – 5 PM. It features fine art, food, and wine. All of that on the Sausalito waterfront, so you can take advantage of the mid-70’s weather at one of the oldest open-air art events.

Want to do this? Text ART to 415-915-2421, and I’ll get your tickets for whatever day you’d like. Tickets are $30, and I can also add in an hour of kayaking, yoga, or SUP for just $10 more.



2. Sand Castles and the Begonia Festival in Capitola

If it isn’t obvious from our first recommendation, fall festival season is upon us. This weekend-long, Capitola classic is my personal favorite. Saturday morning, check out the Sand Castle contest where people come from near and far to transform sand into majestic castles. Sunday at 1 PM is the main event, when locals swim handmade begonia barges through the murky waters of the Capitola lagoon.

Want to do this? Text BEGONIA to 415-915-2421, and I’ll help you find a hotel or recommend other beach outings for the weekend.



3. Yoga in Golden Gate Park

Photo by Dave Rosenblum.

If you can’t get out of the city this weekend, surely you can make it to the park for some R&R. This weekend the Purusha Seva Project is hosting a free outdoor yoga class at 10am at the Big Rec Field. All you need is your mat, some yoga pants, and a sense of enlightenment.

Want to do this? Need some cold pressed juice after? I can recommend my faves just chat me on the app or text JUICE 415-915-2421.



4. Day hike in Angel Island

Photo by Ray Bouknight.

Without a doubt, a day trip to Angel Island is the easiest way to feel like you’ve gotten out of the city for Labor Day. The nicest part, you never have to get in your car. There are ferries that leave from The Ferry Building and Pier 41. We recommend getting some Blue Bottle Coffee and grabbing some picnic materials at the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market Saturday morning, then hopping aboard the 11:20am ferry to the island.

Want to do this? Text ALLABOARD to 415-915-2421, and I’ll buy you tickets to the ferry.



5. Symphony in the Park

Photo by Allie_Caulfield.

Monday at 1 PM The Golden Gate Park Band will play a celebratory lineup in honor of Labor Day at the music concourse near the de Young. It’s the perfect closer to your weekend. All you need is a blanket, some cheese, wine, maybe even a puppy to hang out with. Enjoy the day and relish in the last hurrah of your long weekend.

Want to do this? Text DEYOUNG to 415-915-2421, and I’ll get you some tickets to the de Young to complete your afternoon of culture.



I’m here to help with all your travel plans. Text me at 415-915-2421 or email me and I’ll get back to you within 5 minutes to customize a plan for you. As always, you can download the app to talk to one of our Scouts anytime.


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