10 Odd Travel Gadgets You’ll Actually Want on a Long Trip

Posted by Kelsey Abkin

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Traveling can be rough, the long hours of waiting, the unfamiliarity of a new place, the absence of your everyday belongings. Thankfully, in today’s world, there’s a solution to even your wackiest problem. These 10 odd travel gadgets will first leave you rolling your eyes, then, make you scratch your head and think, “Wait, I could actually use that.”

1.Stretchy Laces


With these stretchy laces, every shoe becomes a slip on. Tie them once and you’ll never have to tie them again. Plus, what makes these laces ideal for travel is the convenience in airport security. Speed past everyone else as they’re busy untying their not-so-stretchy laces. Get three for $10 here.

2.Big Body Wipe

Big-Body-WipesThink baby wipe but for your entire body. This big body wipe claims to be an adequate replacement for the shower making it ideal for those long days of travel. After 12 hours of sitting in a stuffy plane next to that smelly man with his smelly food, this is exactly what you’ll want. Plus, with less showering, you’ll be conserving water.  Save the planet here.

3.The Ostrich Pillow


The Ostrich Pillow, aside from its’ obvious aesthetic appeal, acts as a little, cozy world ideal for taking a nap in. The pillow is made from plush, sweatshirt material and architecturally engineered to let you sleep just about anywhere. Just pop it on, close your eyes, and be thankful it muffles the laughs of those passing by. Get one here. No shame.

4.AyeGear 23 Pocket Travel Vest


Think of the AyeGear Vest as a small act of rebellion against airline’s strict luggage policies. This oversized vest is big enough to hold your laptop, smartphone, water bottles, books and more. Beat those airline baggage fees when you replace your carry on with this. With excess baggage fee’s up to $100, this one time $100 purchase may just be worth it.. Get yours here before the airlines catch on.

5.The Re-Timer


The Re-Timer is a handy device for those suffering from any sleep problems, especially jet lag. It uses fancy shmancy technology to monitor and adjust your natural sleep schedule. Basically, you absorb a certain amount of light a day and it will benefit your night’s sleep. This device could potentially make jet lag a negligible problem. All you sleepy travelers, try it out here.

6.Wi-Fi Detector Shirt


This wi-fi detecting t-shirt does just what its’ creative name implies. Wherever you may be, the shirt’s animated bars will illuminate with the detection of wi-fi. Rather than going through the trouble of taking out your laptop/smartphone/tablet etc. and searching for signal (cause who has time for that right?) just look down and voilá.  Ideal for the connected and somewhat nerdy traveler, get one here.

7.The Lazypatch


Before you dismiss the Lazypatch for its’ complete ridiculousness, appreciate it for its’ slogan “take the bed with you.” The Lazypatch is actually a mobile version of your loved duvet cover. You may get strange looks but as soon as you’re dozed off in your bed replica, they’ll be only looks of envy.  Bonus, it’s available in kids sizes to keep your wee ones warm on travel days too. Make the purchase you won’t regret here.

8.The Flip-Flop Sock


What’s better than Crocs? Flip-flop socks. These genius foot accessories are perfect for airport security. They make it easy to slip in and out of flip-flops while still having the cozy comfort of socks. This is a time convenience trumps fashion. Get a pair, or two, here.

9. Disinfection Scanner


This disinfection scanner isn’t just for the germaphobes among us but for anyone who has distrusted the cleanliness of an airplane seat or a foreign bedspread. Just hold this scanner over the area you wish to disinfect and bam, 99.9% of microorganisms killed. This handy trinket is sure to make you feel at ease wherever you are. Get one here.

10.Jacket Gripperjacket-gripper

Scenario: You’re rushing through the airport with one hand pulling your suitcase and the other carrying your purse. All the running has made you hot so you take off your jacket. But, where do you put it? Do you carelessly toss it over your purse? Do you scrappily tie it to your suitcase? No. You strap it on to your Jacket Gripper. This knick knack acts as a third hand allowing you to conveniantly keep your jacket close. Check it out.

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