Five Videos to Make You Want to Go Skydiving (And One That Wont…)

Posted by Jordan Bailey

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The number one activity on every thrill seeker’s bucket list? Skydiving. In case you haven’t already fallen in love with the idea of jumping out of a plane, here are six videos to convince you to move it to the top of your list.

Once you get good enough, you can go without a parachute.

You have to question this man’s sanity as he (intentionally) jumps from a plane at 9,000 feet with no parachute. With the help of a high-tech magnet, he miraculously dives through a hole in the roof of a trampoline park and lands feet first on the bouncy landing pad.

You can significantly impress your significant other.

Nothing says “I would do anything for you, babe” quite like jumping out of a plane. At least, this man thinks so, which is why he surprised his girlfriend midair with a diamond ring and a proposal. Though it was super impressive, these guys may have shown him up a little with their skydiving wedding.

You can break world records.

Little is more impressive than jumping from a plane attached to nothing but a parachute on a string, except of course, when FOUR HUNDRED people do it at once. These guys executed the most perfect choreographed dive you’ve ever seen. Skip to 2:22 to see their synchronized routine.

Play pool games without the pool.

Remember having pool noodle fights as a kid? Well these guys are still doing it, but they’ve traded water for air. That’s kind of the same, right?

Just be careful…

Is all of this skydiving talk making you want to give it a try? Maybe not after you watch this video. After this duo jumped from the plane, it circled back around and nearly hit them! The plane’s wing caught the tether of the divers’ parachute, and the plane just narrowly missed their bodies. The craziest part? The diving student barely noticed! Thank God for adrenaline.

But if this Grandma can do it, you can do it.

Scared out of your mind? Just remember, if 96 year old Betty can do it, you certainly can. Skip to 3:37 to see her take the plunge in an adorable pink knitted beanie. This has to be the epitome of #grandmagoals.

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