These 4 Fancy Hotels Let You Breathe Underwater

Posted by Jordan Bailey

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For luxury travelers looking for a unique experience, we’ve got a trend for you — underwater hotel rooms. Each of these fancy shmancy hotels charges big bucks to let you sleep with the fishes. Looking for unique accommodation but don’t want to shell out the cash? Don’t worry, we’ve got a little something for you too.

mantaresortcropThe Manta Resort (Zanzibar)

Where You’ll Sleep: 13 feet below the Indian Ocean

What It’ll Cost You: $1,500 per night

Voted: The Ultimate In Privacy

Hop on a boat on the coast of Zanzibar and take the short ride out to this three story floating cabin in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The roof of your private home makes a great deck for sunbathing (not to mention the perfect platform for jumping into the ocean), and your outdoor living room is ideal for enjoying the wine and 4 course meal you’ll be served. The real kicker? When it’s time for bed, the waves will rock you to sleep.

Room & Champers & Orchids 0003

The Atlantis, The Palm (Dubai)

Where You’ll Sleep: Smack dab in the middle of an aquarium

What It’ll Cost You: $8,200 per night

Voted: Most Likely To Run Into Kim Kardashian

At this 5-star resort that happens to be one of Kim K’s stomping grounds, you’ll wash your hands with 24-carat gold infused soap, drink hundreds of dollars worth of Dom Perignon, and make use of your impressively well-equipped 24 hour butler service (they can accommodate your every whim — seriously, a guest once asked for a camel?!). During the day you can scuba dive the resort’s aquarium and take a peek into your room to check on your camel.


Lovers Deep (Caribbean Islands)

Where You’ll (Err) Sleep: In a soundproof submarine

What It’ll Cost You: $290,000 per night

Voted: Cheesiest

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway that’s equal parts unique, cheesy and expensive, the Lovers Deep submarine is probably for you. The primary focus of this deep sea dive is to allow guests to join the “Mile Low Club.” The crew sets the mood with champagne, rose petals strewn on the bed, and a private chef that serves up a meal of oysters, caviar and dark chocolate. A Barry White CD is also available upon request (yeah, we wish we were kidding too).


Resort World Sentosa (Singapore)

Where You’ll Sleep: Amongst 80,000 sea animals of 800 different species

What It’ll Cost You: $1,300 per night

Voted: Most Affordable

With floor-to-ceiling windows that look out on the world’s largest aquarium, this spot is perfect for people who have always wanted to scuba dive but are afraid to take the plunge. At feeding time, dim the lights and lift the curtain to watch schools of fish swarm just inches from your window. Afterwards, head to the second floor to take a relaxing dip in your private outdoor jacuzzi.

Ready to book a room? Grab a pair of goggles and ask your Scout to snag one for you.

Photos by: The Manta Resort, The Financialist, Oliver’s Travels, The Smart Local
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