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Posted by David Temple

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Hi, and welcome to Scout.

I’m David, and along with Matt Sperling, I started working on Scout 9 months ago as a way to help people take time away from their regular lives and experience more: more adventures, more of the world, more harebrained schemes, and more time with each other.


Matt at Office Max making our first company purchase: a whiteboard.

Between then and now, we’ve gradually made progress, sometimes clumsily, occasionally skillfully, and usually with a fair dose of luck and humor, towards the vision that we laid out then. As we’ve talked to friends, users, and advisors, our methods have changed, but I’m proud to say that our goal has remained the same. And now we have a product to show for it.

Scout is a simple messaging platform that connects travelers with locals.

The idea is to let you spend less time dealing with all the annoying parts of planning a trip, and more time swimming with whales, whitewater rafting and lying on the beach exploring the hidden corners of your mind (or your book).

With Scout, there’s no need to waste the first day of your trip planning. Whether you need a rental car or a hidden taco shop, just ask, and your Scout will take care of it for you.

A few things to know about Scout:

  • It’s not free. We may be out of our minds, but we believe that people would rather pay directly than be hit with hidden markups, or get advice that’s biased by kickbacks.
  • It is, however, guaranteed. If you don’t feel that your Scout gave you the most insanely awesome tips, planning help or advice, just let us know. We’ll pay you back, no questions asked.
  • It’s only available by invitation for now. Turns out it’s hard to build a marketplace: we need to make sure that we have enough local Scouts to give you incredible help, but not too many that we bankrupt ourselves and can’t keep working on this.
  • We’re launching in San Diego. Why? It has year round tourism, plenty of amazing places to explore, and we’ve been able to team up with rockstars like Rebecca Merritt to get us up and running there.

So, off we go on an adventure to create adventures.

If you’re interested in learning more about Scout, you can sign up here. Or you can always get in touch. Say hi, or tell us what you think.

David (@dtemple)

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