Our Favorite Hotel Zeppelin TripAdvisor Reviews of 2016

Posted by Hayley Schutz

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We pride ourselves in helping Hotel Zeppelin guests feel at home during their stay. With personalized recommendations and quick answers to important questions, we want every guest to have an ally in San Francisco.

Since Hotel Zeppelin launched last March, they’ve jumped up almost 50 spots on TripAdvisor. We thought we’d take a second to highlight some of our favorite reviews from one of our favorite hotels by a few of their happiest visitors in 2016.

Michelle, I need a massage!

This is the personal touch we strive for. This guest wanted a massage, and we found her one. By the end of her trip she only wanted one more thing… to thank the concierge in person. These types of reactions are why we do what we do.

Michelle, where’s a pharmacy?

We understand not everyone plans to use our Scouts, but you never know when you’ll need a hand. This couple desperately needed a pharmacy after a bad allergic reaction and our Scout was able to help them immediately. We won’t just book tours for you, we’ll help you with anything that comes up – big or small.

Michelle, you’re spectacular.

Hotel Zeppelin offers an experience. Guests these days expect a personal touch from their hotel and we’re here to enhance what they’re already doing so well. This guest saw our combined efforts and was appreciative of Hotel Zeppelin’s spectacular concierge service.

Congratulations to Hotel Zeppelin on a fantastic year! It’s no wonder that the hotel has had such a big jump on TripAdvisor. Here’s to another year of fantastic service together!

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