Product Launch: Send Personalized Arrival Messages to Your Guests

Posted by David Temple

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There are a few hoteliers who are lucky enough to cater to a single type of traveler. But the vast majority of hotels need to offer services for a whole range of guests. And with limited opportunities to tell guests about these amenities, the decision about what to feature can be critical to ensuring a good experience (and a correspondingly positive review).

That’s where we come in.

Starting today, we’re rolling out a personalized introduction feature to help hotels offer the right amenities to the right guests via the right channels.

A little under a year ago, we launched a platform allowing hotel guests to send messages to local experts with guaranteed responses in under 5 minutes. Now, after watching guests exchange hundreds of thousands of text messages on the platform, we’ve learned what kind of guests have what kind of needs. And we’re putting that data into action.

For instance, our data may tell us that you’re an international vacationer. And as such, you’re more likely to plan in advance (so we should get in touch a little earlier), that you’re more likely to use email (avoid those international texting rates!), and that you’re likely to want to see some sights while you’re in town (so we should help you grab tix before they sell out). For a local business traveler, you may just want an SMS at check-in with the wifi password and a link to room service. And many guests don’t want to be contacted at all.

Done right, guest messaging is human, targeted and personal. We’ve always prided ourselves on our human service for every guest — and today, we take a big step forward in helping hotels get more targeted and personal.

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