Scout: Now For All Your West Coast Adventures

Posted by David Temple

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Five months ago we introduced the first version of Scout in San Diego. Today, I’m proud to announce you can use Scout to help plan your adventures not only in San Diego and San Francisco, but also in Wine Country, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. (We’re still in private beta but blog readers can use the invite code ‘morefun’ for access.)

During the last five months, our beta users have planned countless adventures involving hikes, boat rides, margarita machines, concerts, kayak rentals, whales… and many many more things.

After months of adventure-making, there was one clear message that we heard over and over: we want more. More places, more Scouts, more reservations. Scout works best when it’s part of your life, not just one trip.

Now, anytime you have an idea, a hankering, or even just a little whimsical desire for adventure, all you have to do is ask and we’ll make it happen. Don’t let planning hold you back.

What’s changing?

Now you’ll notice a location icon on the top right of your chat window. Simply click the icon and you’ll be taken to our City Selector page where you can choose from any of our 5 cities. Click on the city of your choice and you can talk to travel assistants to help you find the perfect flight, fish through Yelp reviews to pull out the hidden gem, or convince the bike rental company to give you a discount.

Our travel assistants are real people, and they’ll give you real advice.

What can I use it for?

Ask for anything! As long as it’s available, we’ll make it happen. Need a hike? Or want to get sold out Alcatraz tickets? Just try it.

Imagine, you’re feeling romantic so you ask your Travel Assistant to find places to stay in Wine Country for the weekend with your sweetheart. Within minutes your Scout has the perfect hotel with availability, and it even has a hot spring on the property! Within an hour you have a booked itinerary for the weekend. And within 24 hours you’re hiking on a dog friendly trail, picnicking with local Farmer’s Market veggies, wine tasting at a castle, and, of course, relaxing in natural hot springs…all you had to do was start the conversation.

We hope this new feature can enable countless lifetime memories, save you innumerable hours of planning, and help you make the most out of this wondrous place we live. So try it out – let us help you plan your next West Coast adventure.

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